Timmins Native Friendship Centre

The Timmins Native Friendship Centre strives to improve the quality of the lives of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people living in the Timmins area providing intervention, direct services, advocacy, and support in the areas of health, education, culture, recreation, and social services. We are committed to providing a place of re-discovery and opportunities for learning new ways to live in a healthy way.

Adult programs include:

Aboriginal Courtworker Program (ACP)
Aboriginal Alcohol and Drug Worker Program (AADWP)
Aboriginal Healing and Wellness Strategy Program (AHWSP)
Adult Native Literacy & Basic Skills Program (LBS)
Apatisiwin – Employment And Training (Apatisiwin)
Cultural Resource Program
Life Long Care Program (LLCP)
Urban Aboriginal Healthy Lifestyles Program (UAHLP)

From out of town? Call us toll-free at 1-844-200-2686.